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A Time for Romance and Relaxation at Runaway Bay with Broadwater Shores Waterfront Apartments!

Skypoint Australia V2
Posted in Location & Attractions at 25 January, 2017

Are you up for a milestone celebration with your loved one? While little gestures like an exchange of old-fashioned love letters or a romantic dinner for two after work hours can go a long way, a milestone celebration calls for grander gestures, like a ma...

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Are You Up for the 96KM Kokoda Challenge?

The Kokoda Challenge
Posted in Local Events at 11 January, 2017

Do you have what it takes to endure a tough course that will take as long as 39 hours? Go above and beyond your limits and achieve something that's truly extraordinary. The 96KM Kokoda Challenge returns to the Gold Coast from July 15th to 16th! For those...

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