A Time for Romance and Relaxation at Runaway Bay with Broadwater Shores Waterfront Apartments!

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Are you up for a milestone celebration with your loved one? While little gestures like an exchange of old-fashioned love letters or a romantic dinner for two after work hours can go a long way, a milestone celebration calls for grander gestures, like a majestic cruise along the Pacific Ocean or something more extreme like tandem skydiving!

Sure, Google can provide you literally millions of surefire ideas to put the extra- in extraordinary, but the choice still is yours to make. So if you and your loved one are game for a weekend of anything goes - and you don’t even have to spend so much, really - go ahead and say yes to ideal Aussie destinations like the pristine Runaway Bay beaches.

Here are some activities you may engage in as you arrive in Runaway Bay:

Score a unique gift in hip beachfront markets. Instead of getting her a fancy gift found in shopping centres, why not find something rare or quirky by checking out beachfront weekend markets!

Let Mother Nature help you express your love. Walking hand in hand is always such a romantic gesture. A leisurely walk along Runaway Bay will prove to be a memorable one, definitely. Spending moments appreciating the beauty of the sunset and sunrise, or just how the stars in the night sky shine for the two of you - people live for these moments.

Going a little extreme once in a while won’t hurt. The ambitious SkyPoint Climb via Q1 is one, the JetBoat Extreme is another. And haven’t we mentioned tandem skydiving? Any brave soul wouldn’t want to miss out on this adventure.

Find a dining experience ala Beauty and the Beast. We’re talking about ‘Be Our Guest’, minus the singing and dancing candelabra, teapot, and dining utensils atop of your dining table. Well, you, too, can help make your loved one feel as special as Belle when you take her to any of the Gold Coast’s award-winning restaurants that have a vast array of cuisines to work up your beastly appetite.

Have a cosy home to call your own at Broadwater Shores Waterfront Apartments. Maximise your stay at Runaway Bay. For Runaway Bay Accommodation that are elegantly furnished and equipped with everything you require of a home.

View our available rooms by visiting http://broadwatershores.etourism.net.au. We’ve made online booking fast and easy!

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