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Broadwater Shores Runaway Bay accommodation is your ticket to the sights and stimulating experiences of the Gold Coast: a midmorning swim, strolling on sun-kissed beaches, feeding pelicans by the shore. Staying in our Gold Coast Broadwater accommodation is a beach holiday to treasure and enjoy – one of the few instances you get to spend with the children without worrying about work. You obviously want to keep these Runaway Bay memories in a scrapbook or put it on show in the living room as a family portrait.

To make sure you seize these moments in sharp, poignant photographs, the gracious staff of our Gold Coast Broadwater apartments has compiled a few tips for Gold Coast Broadwater photography:

Magic hour

Talk to any professional photographer, and he’ll tell you timing is one of the key elements in photography. There are periods in a day when light is softer and warmer in hue, and the shadows are longer. “Magic hour”, as photographers call it, is the first and last hour of sunlight in a day. It is the best time to shoot photographs. First light is also a time when there are few people in the beach that’s why we always advise guests in our Northern Gold Coast Accommodation to take a stroll with a camera in the morning.

Tell a story

Pictures that tell stories are a good way of remembering your relaxing vacation in our Broadwater accommodation holiday apartments. When taking a photo of the breathtaking beach and ocean views near our Gold Coast Broadwater Apartments, it always helps to look for points of interest to give your image a place for eyes to rest. For example, you can focus on pelicans for a photo on Runaway Bay. Or try telling a story by directing your lens towards waves crashing on a rock, kids building a sandcastle, or metre maidens helping out a lost holiday maker.

High noon troubles

High noon is the time when the sun is overwhelmingly hot, blaring down on beach bodies. That’s why you should not be surprised, finding you’re subjects hiding behind sunglasses or worse, looking askance at the sunlight. The Gold Coast Broadwater Accommodation staff recommends shooting your photographs in shady areas, or waiting for clouds before you ask the littlies to pose.

The Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds(Image shown inset courtesy of

One of the most popular rules in photography is the “rule of thirds”. It’s a nice composition guide that helps photographers and cinematographers make balanced images. Basically, you do it by dividing your image into thirds both horizontally and vertically. You then place the points of interest of the photograph where the lines intersect. For beach horizons, we recommend placing the horizon on the top third line if you’ve clear skies, and at the bottom line if clouds are in the sky.


Taking note of these tips will help you get good photos, but you must not forget to have fun on your Gold Coast Broadwater Apartments beach holiday. Those photographs will mean more to you if you remember them as a time of leisure, adventure, and family fun. Don’t hesitate to experiment with your camera and take interesting shots that you and the kids could laugh at when looking at you scrapbook. Have a pleasurable beach holiday!

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