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Rekindle Your Love for Tennis at Broadwater Shores

Broadwater Shores 1130462
Posted in Accommodation at 26 October, 2015

Tennis, according to both scientists and doctors, is proven to be one of the healthiest activities in the world. In fact, it is so healthy for everyone that it is beneficial not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. If you used to play tenni...

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Fun-Filled Day for Kids at The Rockpools

Rockpools Hero
Posted in Accommodation at 02 October, 2015

Kids are so blessed with great energy that they need to channel it somewhere or to something all the time. So on your trip to Runaway Bay, don't let your children miss out on playing every time they want. With that, once you're on the Gold Coast, you bett...

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Cook all you want in our Luxurious Apartment

65 9 Bayview St 005
Posted in Accommodation at 27 September, 2015

Some things are hard to leave even just for a while. You may try to, but your thoughts will just drift you back over and over again to that thing you love doing. Especially if it's cooking and you're going on a holiday with your friends and family, will y...

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Go on a Fishing Spree

Posted in Location & Attractions at 12 September, 2015

Going to Runaway Bay soon with your buddies? Then maybe it's time for you to get a new hobby that's best learned in this picturesque suburb. Runaway Bay is surrounded by different bodies of water earning its title as Angler's Paradise. Towards its east is...

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Spa and Sauna for your Invigoration

Day Spa
Posted in Location & Attractions at 26 August, 2015

With everything it can unfold you, travelling is a fantastic activity, albeit not exactly relaxing. You would walk and stand for hours and use every part of your body for the fun and adventurous activities. At the end of the day, you would be beaming with...

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Let Broadwaters Shores Apartments Help You in Your Holiday

Mg 3557
Posted in Accommodation at 08 August, 2015

The Gold Coast is the place to be. As a coastal city famous for being a premiere tourist destination, you can never run out of things to do in this bustling city. From sunbathing and enjoying the scenic views, to surfing and shopping 'til you drop, this p...

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Honeymoon at Broadwater Shores Apartments

Nov2012 6969
Posted in Accommodation at 30 July, 2015

They say that more than the wedding, we should very focusing on the life after it, the marriage. After all, it's the real essence of the event. But it sure is rewarding if we still put our best on it and the honeymoon. After all, it's the sweet memories t...

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Gather Your Friends and Head to the Coast with the Most

Nov2012 6 1
Posted in Accommodation at 10 July, 2015

Are you feeling stressed and burned out at work? Do you feel like you could use a break? Pack your bags, gather your friends and head to the Coast with the most. The Gold Coast is the ideal destination for a fun-filled holiday with your friends. If you're...

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Cosy and Spacious Holiday Apartments for the Family

Views West From 3 Bed Deluxe 70
Posted in Accommodation at 24 June, 2015

Broadwater Shores offers Cosy and Spacious Holiday Apartments perfect for families and groups. We offer a choice of 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments, each fully self contained, and equipped with everything you need for a relaxing stay. The apartments ar...

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Take Your Family to an Enjoyable and Wonderful Holiday on the Gold Coast

Nov2012 6481
Posted in Location & Attractions at 12 June, 2015

Take your family to an enjoyable and wonderful holiday on the Gold Coast. Enjoy the many different theme parks around the Gold Coast. Meet the cute sea animals at Sea World. Have some watery fun in the giant slide of Wet'n'Wild. Explore other world-class...

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